What is your Health Status?

What is your Health Status?
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Jeunesse - Redefine the youth

Do you want stop the age?  -- Jeunesse will help

Jeunesse Global is a direct sales, MLM (multi-level-marketing) company that markets skin care and nutritional products through a network marketing business model. They are based out of Altamonte Springs, FL and specialize in providing anti-aging solutions based on cutting-edge science, such as adult stem cell technology, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. They are privately owned and co-founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The company also includes renowned scientists such as Dr. Nathan Newman and Dr.Vincent Giampapa and internationally experienced managers.

co-founder Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray
Dr. Nathan Newman

Dr.Vincent Giampapa

In only five years of activity Jeunesse Global has achieved :
• the most rapid global expansion in the history of the industry
• Helped create 23 new millionaires
• Payed out more than $250 million in distributor commissions
• sold for $65M in 2011, $126 M in 2012 , $256M $ in 2013 and, $419M in 2014(DSN ranks 38)
• opened offices in 20 countries and sell in more than 92 countries
• more than 450,000 distributors

Jeunesse Global, the newest rising MLM company. We are selling revolutionary anti-aging products all over the world .

 If you are looking for a new challenge and like to join our international group and become a distributor of Jeunesse Global products, don't hesitate to contact us. We will show you the way to success.

Jeunesse :  Luckyhome

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