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What is your Health Status?
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What Is The Correct Time Of The Day To Drink Water? - See more at: http://www.naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com/what-is-the-correct-time-of-the-day-to-drink-water/#sthash.XIv00MQ7.dpuf

What Is The Correct Time Of The Day To Drink Water? -

Drink water when you get up
Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, to inform your body that it’s time to start with active work.what-is-the-correct-time-of-the-day-to-drink-water
The circulatory system requires liquid to get rid of free radicals and the remains of the burned calories which were used by the metabolism during the night. Also, drinking lemon water in the morning is very beneficial for your body.
Drink water before each meal
Drinking water before each meal will help you feel satiety, so that you will need less food to feel full. Water helps your stomach to prepare for food that will follow, awakens the senses of taste on the tongue and moisturizes the stomach. In addition, drinking water before meals eliminates the flavors from previous meals, the taste of some other drink, or the taste of a cigarette from your mouth.
A glass of water with snacks
Between meals, if you feel hungry, first try to drink some water, because you may also feel hunger if you are a little dehydrated as well. Sometimes people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Drinking water before snacks, or along with your snacks will make you feel full faster and you will eat less, a habit that can help anyone who has problems with the increasing number of pounds.
Drink water before exercise
Depending on the temperature, humidity and fluid levels in your body, you can take one or more glasses of water before you start training in order to avoid dehydration of your body. Whether you are playing a sport, fitness or pilates, hydration is essential, for it will protect you from heat strokes when the weather is hot or will enable you not to freeze when cold. This is due to the fact that your circulatory system plays a protective role in both seasons.
Drink water after exercise
After your workout or any other physical activity, drink plenty of water to restore the body fluids lost during sweating. Do not drink too fast because it can cause stomach cramps, but be sure to drink enough.
Drink water to protect when exposed to a virus
If at work or at school you are surrounded by people who have a cold, drink more water than usual to remove bacteria and viruses that your body has received as a result of the exposure. Well hydrated body helps to evict all the invaders who want to reproduce in your system. Drinking water each day before going out or after you return home will help prevent and reduce viruses.
Drink water when you are sick
When you catch a cold, drink more fluids- this old recipe still works. Most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water each day, and you can further drink other liquids such as tea, juice and soup. People who are in hospital get fluids to keep their body hydrated and to protect if it needs medications.
Drink a glass of water when you’re tired
When you feel tired or when you need a nap, drink a glass of water. Due to its ability to move quickly in the body, it can reach the brain and activate it when needed, whether it is before an appointment or before any other important activity. Cold water will wake up both, your body and brain.